Dan Patrick Show guest ruffles "Mothership"

On Tuesday, Feb. 2 on Miami Beach during the live broadcast of The Dan Patrick Show on DirecTV’s Channel 101, Patrick had a surprise visit from a member of the “mothership” that stirred some controversy.

Mike Golic, of ESPN radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, stopped by to visit Patrick, a former employee of ESPN (or as Patrick calls it “the mothership”) for 18 years, after their ESPN show had finished broadcasting a few blocks away on the beach.

“They said we may come by at 10:30 a.m. I am on from 9 until 12 – that’s gonna be awkward,” Patrick said. “Why not come by at 12? That is what I said.”

When Patrick saw Golic and Mike Greenberg, the other half of the ESPN tandem, he waved them down and invited them to sit in during the show – as the cameras captured it live.
“You can’t come over here during the show and have me… everything is on TV,” Patrick said. “The camera’s are always going. So if you are coming over to look at the RV, hide in the bushes over there.”

Golic joined Patrick for a short time on the show. Greenberg stayed on the sidelines. And when the segment was over, ESPN brass was not pleased and made sure to phone Golic.

“I hadn’t seen them in two years, and I haven’t been in touch with anyone from ESPN, and I saw him, waved and put two chairs down and said guys come on over,” Patrick said. “I’m not afraid and we have fun. I do a job. You do a job. They know where you work. They know where I work. I am fine with that. My bosses didn’t have a problem with me having them on – but their bosses did.

“I really don’t want them to get in trouble and there wasn’t any setup here. Greeny couldn’t wait to get out of there. Golic, you know, I give him credit. He walked over and sat down,” Patrick said. “Who cares.

“You got [ABC’s] Jimmy Kimmel who goes on [NBC’s Jay] Leno – what’s the difference. It just gets to be silly, like ‘Oh my God, what’s gonna happen now,’ Patrick said. “So I guess this means [ESPN’s] Chris Berman won’t be stopping by.”


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