Custom Blend Makeup

Confounded at the beauty counter? Still pining over that discontinued lipstick you always wear? Don’t want to fight for elbowroom with the throngs of shoppers at the department store? Say no more. Giella’s custom blend cosmetics has got you covered — from your lips to fingertips. Now available at Sean Donaldson Hair, scoop up tailor-made (on the spot!) foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish and more at this personalized beauty bar. We chat up the brand’s creator, Giella Poblocki.

You create custom blend makeup in a matter of minutes. What else can you whip up? Many makeup companies discontinue lipstick colors, particularly Chanel cosmetics. We can match any lipstick that’s no longer for sale, and it’s a huge part of our business.

Which hues are IT for this fall? Oranges and purples — both look great on the eyes.

What is the best makeup advice you can give us? Clean your foundation applicator or brush every day — it’s a breeding ground for bacteria.

Dish..which celebrity has the go-to look your clients wish to duplicate? Kim Kardashian all the way. In fact, her makeup artist, Mario, always uses our Eye M Glam highlighter on her!