Closet Girl

The lowdown: If your closet’s unkempt appearance is straight out of an episode of Hoarders, it’s time to give Closet Girl’s Marilyn Abril a holler. Closet Girl is a one-woman service on a mission to clean up clutter and revamp closets throughout Miami-Dade. To date, 33-year-old Abril has tackled 43 closets.

The owner: Abril’s roots in retail run deep, giving her an edge on what a wardrobe should look like. Studio LX, Blush, Moondrops, Mia, Kore, Addict and Vixon boutiques are all owned by family members. “Closet Girl began two years ago by client demand. Customers have been trusting me with their wardrobes since I started working retail when I was 13,” Abril says of her segue into closet organization. At first, she only worked with wealthy clients with closets the size of bedrooms and bank accounts to match, but now she’s taking a shot at smaller tasks.

The deal: Starting at $500, Closet Girl can get your closet neat and Container Store catalog ready. “Most people’s biggest problem is that they keep things they aren’t wearing — starting with trends that won’t be coming back to things they wore in high school,” Abril says. Any items that can be sold at consignment stores are arranged for pickup while castaways are given to housekeepers or Goodwill.

The advice: “Simplify your life by keeping what you do wear, not what you might wear one day when the stars are aligned,” she says. Simply having the same hangers makes a world of a difference, too. Get rid of holey PJs, expired beauty products and those jeans from middle school. Abril adds,  “So many people don’t realize that less is more.”


Shoe: Christian Louboutin
Hanger: Chrome hangers
Handbag: Hunting Season Excaliber bag in python
Scent: Bulgari Omnia Crystaline
Restaurant: Burger & Beer Joint
Pretty Woman
Book: Any James Patterson book
Vice: “I’m a control freak,” she says.


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