Christopher Abella

Christopher Abella may only be 12 years old, but the Miami local is showing his collection at the year’s Miami Beach International Fashion Week. Read out Q&A with the wiz kid.

You are only 12 years old! How did you decide to become a designer?  I remember standing in my crib and watching my mother get ready for work. She would wear elegant suits and blouses and I remember thinking how beautiful she looked.  When I learned to hold a pencil, I began to draw. First I drew stick figures, very long skinny bodies.  Then, with private fashion design classes, I learned to draw the correct body measurements and fashion poses.

Describe your design aesthetic:  My design aesthetic can be described in one word — elegance.

Why is Miami Beach International Fashion Week so important to you? Miami Beach International Fashion Week is an important event in the Fashion world. I want to have my designs on the runway and show the world my God-given talent.  

Do you think your participation in Miami Beach International Fashion Week will precipitate into bigger things? I think my participation in Miami Beach International Fashion Week will bring attention to my talent and I hope it gives me the opportunity to identify a mentor that will want to hire me as a fashion designer.   

 Who is your favorite designer?  My favorite designer is Valentino.  I admire the style and elegance in his designs.

 You are a Miami native, how does this shape your vision?  Miami has so many beautiful women from all over the world.  I want to dress them in my elegant gowns and make Miami an international leader in fashion.



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