Christian Roth Interview

Chic? Check. Luxurious and practical? Check and check. Celebrity following? Absolutely. When it comes to designing spectacular sunglasses, Miami-based duo Eric Domège and Christian Roth have got it on lockdown. Their eyewear line, Christian Roth, celebrates 30 years of iconic designs and even a silver screen debut in The Great Gatsby. A favorite amongst celebrities such as Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Lenny Kravitz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss and Andy Warhol, we chat with one half of the toothsome twosome, Christian Roth, here.

Chic, cool, luxurious and trend setting come to mind when I think of your line. How do you perceive it? I would add innovative, sexy and attention to superb craftsmanship and quality.  

Three decades is a feat in the rough-and-tumble fashion world! How have you managed it, though, when so many others have fallen by the wayside? Time flies. In fashion, and in eyewear as well, each collection and every season is like a new beginning. We have stayed faithful to our mission: Integrity in design and style, always delivering new concepts, materials, colorations and finishes.    

You work alongside your partner, Eric Domège. Describe that dynamic. Opposites attract! We come from different backgrounds, different countries. Our sense of aesthetic and creativity are in synch. Respect for each other and not being afraid to be critical toward one another is important to last in a long and successful personal and business relationship.  

What kind of sunglass trends will we be experiencing this Spring and Summer? Spring and Summer are more colorful than ever, with bold glamorous shapes in bi- or tri-colors — from soft cat eyes to sporty aviators to preppy silhouettes.  

Actress Elizabeth Debicki wore your vintage round tortoise shell sunglasses in the recent The Great Gatsby film. How did it feel to see your frames on the big screen? It came with sentimental feelings. The Great Gatsby in the mid ‘7Os with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow was a turning point for American fashion. To see our sunglasses in the 2013 version of the movie was a fantastic compliment by Costume Designer Catherine Martin.  

What person — dead or alive — would you love to have dinner and conversation with? Diana Vreeland.  

Describe the perfect day. Waking up with a beautiful sunrise, having a creative day, speak with our families, and entertaining our friends for a cozy and delicious dinner at home.