Cazwell brings it to Lux on Sunday

Steve Rothaus recently interviewed Cazwell for The Miami Herald. Here’s a bit of the what the openly gay rapper had to say to him:

Ice Cream Truck rapper Cazwell is a sucker for a fun song.

“Everything I write and produce I test out when I DJ. For the most part, I make music people can have a good time to,” says Cazwell, who performs late Sunday at Lux in South Beach.

Cazwell — who’s never before visited Miami — came out at age 18 and started in the music business playing dance clubs in Boston. “I only played to straight people. Gay clubs weren’t interested at all. They only wanted drag queens.”

He “came to a conclusion that no matter how good I am, no matter how good my songwriting is or my videos, straight people don’t want to hang out with gay people in the hip-hop industry.”

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