Catching Up With Cara

By Solange Reyner

2004 Playmate and former Road Rules star Cara Zavaleta is hosting a Halloween party at the Shore Club with some friends. caught up with the vixen, who is a huge Chicago Bears fan – we Floridians won’t hold it against her.

How did the Playboy gig come about?

CZ: I was living in Chicago and I knew that the Playboy headquarters was there. Everyone after the show was like ‘Are you going to do Playboy’ and I was like what kind of question is that. The more I thought about it, I was like you only live once, and it started sounding really god damn cool because I’ve always been really naturally comfortable with my body. I scheduled an appointment with the senior photo editor and he was talking about being a playmate – at this point I was floored because I know it’s a difficult thing to become a playmate.
That was my crash course in modeling – and it was nude modeling. There was a lot to learn. I didn’t even know how to make a sexy face, but It was really liberating and I would do it again and again.

What’s life like now?

CZ: I moved to LA about five months ago and I keep myself really busy with commercial and modeling work. I’m really working on developing some lingerie of my own.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

CZ: Originally, my inspiration came from South Beach. Pool side or beach side, everyone is wearing next to nothing and proud of it. The whole scene is great. I was born in June so on my birthdays it was always grab a bikini and a towel and head to the beach. Nobody is judging on anybody in Miami and they’re drinking some fabulous cocktails.

Any more MTV Road Rules or Real World Challenges?

CZ: They ask me all the time to do the challenges and the past couple of challenges I said I would do it, but then I backed out. They are some of the best memories I ever had – but they are a lot of work. I truly feel like I’m too old for it – it’s so vicious. If I wanted the adventure, I would go for the adventure but it’s too much stress.

So is all the drama real?

CZ: It’s all real.

Heard you’re a big Bears fan – can’t watch too many games on the West Coast. Are you going to join the Lakers bandwagon?

CZ: I’m really attached to Chicago when it comes to sports and I don’t really know if I can convert. I just love football season. My TV doesn’t get the Chicago games, but when I can watch the games, it really makes me miss Chicago and want to be on Soldier Field. I wasn’t really sure about this Jay Cutler guy – but Robbie Gould has been my fave player for the longest time. I was wearing his jersey way before anyone was wearing the kicker jersey. He’s really cute, too. He’s engaged now, so oh well.

Cara’s part of an entourage of former Playmates who will be at the Shore Club this Saturday, October 31st. Check out our Halloween guide for the details.


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