Cargo Cosmetics launches its collection for fall

Respect the tin!

Looking a little pale from being inside your air conditioned office all day? Or maybe you applied too much sunscreen like the doctor ordered? Cargo’s got something to brighten you up.

The brand’s straight up blush ($29) makes sense – all are housed in an oversized tin with a large surface area allowing you to pick up color evenly on a brush for perfect applications. The  formulas are moist, sheer, blendable and best of all, way natural looking. In a whopping 10 colors to please just about everybody.

If you need to look a little more like you actually live in Miami, try out Cargo’s Beach Blush for just a dollar more. It’s the perfect combination of healthy, rosy glow and bronzer. Available in shades that make you feel like home: think Miami Beach, Coral Beach and Sunset Beach.

GTL was so two years ago. Now it’s all about staying out of the tanning salons and making yourself in your very own boudoir. The Cargo Hydrabronze (also $30) won’t dry you out thanks to anti aging properties of Vitamin E. It also contains light reflectors to give you that you slept eight hours glow, even if you so didn’t.

Don’t forget your lips to complete the look. Cargo’s Lip Gloss Quad is a collection of quads which offer four sheer shades of award winning colors. And the ingredients will rock your world (and mouth) Rosemary extract? Check. That’ll fight off damaging free radicals. Vitamin E? All over that. Mix em up or wear them alone. Can’t miss trying out the South Beach shade, people.$24.

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