C By Me

C By Me

The lowdown: Macaroni necklaces, paper maché masks, pipe cleaner creatures, finger paint portraits — kids and crafts go together like Play-Doh in carpets. At C by Me, tots can allow their imaginations to run amok — and mama doesn’t have to mess up the house. Co-founder Erika Koopman says, “Come and create your own clothing, let our in-house designer do the work or host your party, at our store or your location of choice. We have something for everyone — infants, children, adults and pets too!”

The name: C by Me is a labor of love between Koopman and her partner Brittany Socol. Koopman says of the shop’s moniker, “It means clothing by me, created by me, conceptualized by me — we have a C wall in our store and say, ‘The C is whatever you choose it to be.’”

The ‘hood: Nestled in North Miami Beach, Koopman adds, “We’re close to many of the schools and easily accessible for people coming from the South or North, which was also an important factor for us.”

The ambience: Happy and fresh. Concrete floors, stainless steel tables, white- lacquer cabinets and colorful tie-dyed samples of favorite designs adorn the walls creating a clean and inspiring vibe.

The goods: Kiddos can design, decorate and personalize their own fashions. Koopman says, “Everybody that walks in for their first clothing design experience is most excited about our Creative package. It comes complete with paints, stamps, stencils and of course, an apron, not to mention an abundance of patches, rhinestones, studs and everything else needed to complete an outfit. Splatter painting and letter stamping is all the rage.” Retail prices range from $15 and up, depending on how wily you are.

The co-founder says: “We’re not just selling clothes but a dynamic, incomparable experience. We have moms spending and enjoying quality time with their kids as they get creative, tweens celebrating their birthday’s with us, mommies-to-be hosting baby showers, grandparents coming to in design something for their grandkids, teams making matching sweatbands, kids creating teacher gifts instead of just buying them — each experience is so much fun and personal,” Koopman adds.


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