Buyer beware: a guide to Shop Miami

Shop Miami is coming to town. Photo: Richard Patterson.

By Jessica Sick

GenArt hosts Shop Miami, its annual NYC-style sample sale extravaganza this Thursday at the Moore Building. Here are some tips from an SM veteran who has braved its stylish trenches and not only come out alive, but also bearing some sweet, sweet finds.

Bargains Before Bar
Yes, we know you pass up an open bar as often as you scrub your baseboards. But when there are bargains to be had, the booze must wait. For two reasons. First, while everyone else is getting all liquored up, you’re grabbing all the good stuff. Second, alcohol plus cash plus cute clothes and accessories equals an overspending hangover the next day. Third, we’re guessing designers would appreciate it if you didn’t paw through their garments with a gin and tonic in one hand. Trust us, there will still be booze when you’re done spending all your cash – when you’ll definitely need a (free) drink.

Clothes Before Hos
If you’re one of those women who loves a Sex and the City buddy-buddy shopping excursion, you’re going down. Because your gfs will only slow you down. Plus, think she’s telling you that dress makes you look fat because she cares about you and your self esteem? Heck no, she wants it for herself. If you must shop with a buddy, shop with either your gay manfriend, who will be honest in his motives for saying you look fat in something, or someone who is totally not your size (but remember handbags and jewelry are one size fits all). Or shop separately from your posse and re-convene for drinks and show-and-tell.

Cash Before Credit
For the most part, booths take credit cards, but they will love you if you fork over the cold hard cash – they might even give you a little extra somethin’ somethin’ discount, as it saves them credit card fees and gives them lunch money for the next day. Plus, it’s easier to overspend when you’ve got “pretend” money. Do yourself and your credit report a favor and take out a fixed amount of cash, and when it’s gone, you’re done (time to find the bar). Rid yourself of all temptation by leaving the plastic at home. Yes, we know it’s a scary proposition, but a little restraint goes a long way.

Comfort Before Couture
If you don’t know the proper serious shopping uniform, you should be embarrassed to call yourself a woman. Slip-on shoes and a simple pullover sundress is the optimal ensemble, because it’s all about on and off quickly. No skinny jeans that you’ll have to lie in the middle of the walkway to pull back on, no boots, no tops with ties or a thousand buttons. That said, you can keep it simple and still look chic. It’s a delicate balance, and only the most sophisticated fashionistas are able to pull it off. But if you’re going to ShopMiami, there’s a good chance you’re one of them.

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Published: 6/08


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