Buddha Pants Q&A

Eco-friendly? Check. Comfortable and cool? Check and check. Buddha Pants — a hybrid harem pant — with Miami-by-way-of-Canada-and-Orlando roots will have you yoga posing, boogieing or belly dancing compliments of their multifunctional design. We chat up Buddha Pant Founder and Rachel Raab (pictured here) on her Zen-sational garments.  

Prior to launching Buddha Pants, you were a graphic designer. What inspired you to create Buddha Pants? I was originally inspired by a harem pant that was brought back from France by my best friend and mentor Caroline Heidenreich. When starting to design and plan to manufacture, I wanted to create something original.  

What attributes make your pants stand apart from the masses? They are the only harem pant that packs into its pocket. No other pant out there does this. The Buddha packs into its cargo pocket and The Savannah packs into its in-seam pocket. This feature makes it a perfect, comfy travel ready addition to any wardrobe.   

How did you drum up this innovative feature? I was inspired by the Eno Hammock to have a pant that could actually pack into its pocket. While I was the brainchild of the idea, the feature was executed by designer and partner Ellie Frost.  

What fabrics do you use for your collections? We try to stick to 100 percent organic cotton and all our solids hold to this. The patterns are 100 percent cotton, but unfortunately are not organic.   

You are currently a student at FIU. What do you want to learn, specifically, from the Fashion program? Before I started attending, I had no idea what or who was behind these big names in the industry — Gucci, Prada, etc. So far, it’s been a great learning experience to hear the stories — how fashion started and what goes into the industry still to this day. 

What song best describes your work ethic? Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name.”  

Which designer, dead or alive, would you love to have dinner with? That’s a good one. Probably Miuccia Prada.   

What are your passions aside from designing? Yoga, yoga, yoga. My dogs. Being a lover and friend. Trying new things. Cooking. Traveling. Taking photos.     

It’s your day off — quick! — what are you doing? Thinking about — I am addicted! I rarely take time off. I do party hard though. I love to drink good whiskey and try new dive bars. I love meeting new people. I’m also on the computer a lot. And just getting out, doing something in Mother Nature is top on my list, too.   

What do you love most about Miami? The ocean.

Dish…What is Miami’s best kept secret? Haulover Nudist Beach!