Boutique of the week: Invazion


As the retro sneaker fad continues to spread, boutiques specializing in selling those hard-to-find kicks keep sprouting in South Florida. While most of the stores are run by men and cater to men, however, Coconut Grove’s Invazion boutique is breaking the barrier.

Owner Alexis Zamudio, 25, is one woman who is running her own sneaker and urban wear shop that caters to both sexes. She says she chose the name Invazion to show that she’s invading the industry as a female. “It was hard at the beginning. They didn’t take me seriously at trade shows and I had a difficult time trying to get lines in the store,” says the entrepreneur who admits it took months to gain respect from her male counterparts. “Now I have lines begging me to be in the store,” touts the sneaker aficionado.

Over a hundred different types of sneakers starting at $60 up to $200 are sold at Invazion. Brands such as Reebok, DC Lifestyle, Supra, Creative Recreation and Alife are just a few of them. Zamudio says her Nike line will arrive just in time for the holidays. Also on sale is urban wear and accessories such as T-shirts, jeans, trendy sunglasses, book bags and shorts from labels like Crooks&Castles, The Hundreds and 10 Deep. For the ladies, the brand Hellz Bellz is a favorite. “My customers love for me to dress them,” she adds. “Sometimes they’ll bring me a pair of sneakers and ask me to find them a shirt and hat to match it.”

Invazion, 2765 SW 27th Ave, Coconut Grove; 305-856-3737

Published: 10/08

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