Boutique of the week: ëa Lingerie

What's up, bra?

Victoria’s Secret, watch your back. There’s a new lingerie darling in the 305 and her name’s ëa Lingerie. Already a household brand in Colombia, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador and Venezuela, ëa Lingerie chose Miami as its very first U.S.-based home. Now isn’t that special?

Known for its luxurious lingerie and slinky swimwear, the boutique is the go-to spot for sensual dressers. You know the type, heck, Miami’s chockfull of ’em – the kind of gal who painstakingly color coordinates her panties with her bra and actually looks good in a Brazilian-cut bikini bottom. Notorious for its attention to detail and use of fabulous fabrics, ëa Lingerie is brimming with fashion-forward undergarments.

Right now, savvy shoppers can get their hands on ëa Lingerie’s ’08 lines – Magnetism and Soleil. The Magnetism lingerie collection is goth-girl-meets-pretty-woman, while desert sands and animal prints inspire the Soleil swimwear sets. Also launching soon: A new line of sports apparel and accessories called Sportif. Talk about sexy.

ëa Lingerie’s Mary Brickell Village digs aren’t too shabby, either. The 850-square-foot boutique features an ultra-modern, clean décor of marshmallow whites and plasma TVs. While the Mary Brickell Village location is ëa Lingerie’s first foray in America, six more stores are set to open in the U.S. and Europe by July – just in time for summer.

So if you’re the type of woman who hoards underwear in droves and loves to prance around the beach à la Pamela Anderson, then ëa’s for you. Besides, your significant other won’t mind the exorbitant AmEx charge. In fact, they’ll be begging for more.

ëa Lingerie, Mary Brickell Village, 800 Brickell Ave, ste 1205, Brickell; 305-377-9024.


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