Bobby Brown family hopes to set record straight with reality show

Just one day after Whitney Houston’s brother, Michael, admitted to introducing his sister to drugs in an interview with Oprah on OWN, Bobby Brown’s older brother, Tommy, spoke with Noire Miami about his reality show that’s in the works and how the truth can set anyone free.

“Now is the time to dispel all of those rumors,” Tommy Brown said while at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. Tommy was in town attending the National Association of Television Programming Executives conference where he was meeting with cable executives in hopes that his reality show, The Real Browns, would get picked up. “I feel more glad for the relief of her brother Michael more than anything. It’s always been a burden for him to carry.”

Tommy admits that the last year has been anything but easy. Months before losing Whitney Houston, the Browns had lost both of their parents. The devastation has created family turmoil. He said that the family dynamic is “dysfunctional.” He believes a reality show will help to bring the family together and correct emotional and financial problems that have torn the family a part. The sizzle reel hints that the family will not shy away from issues that surround Whitney Houston’s life and death.

“The study of the show will be an American family truly going through the ups and downs and trying to build relationships back and move forward with or lives and our careers,” Tommy said.

The show will feature his three sisters, their children and include occasional appearances by Bobby Brown, who was often blamed for Whitney Houston’s fall from grace. Tommy understands that this show won’t be a redeeming moment in the eyes of the public, but he also admits that he’s not trying to change any opinions people may have about his family.

“We’re real human beings, real people, dealing with real issues,” Tommy said. “Those who get it? Bravo. Those who don’t? Bravo.”