Bloggers Launch Boutique

The GoodWill Project bloggers launched their online boutique today for their Fake Frivolity label. The Miami-based style duo Eugenia Alliegro and Simonett Pereira are selling their first collection which is inspired by the DIY vintage shorts. “We received a demand for the items we blog about so we decided to launch our own line, starting with one-of-a-kind denim shorts,” said Pereira.

The collection features original pieces which have been pieced together from their shopping expeditions at Goodwill, online vintage boutiques, and thrift stores. “We then hand cut them, bleach them, dye them, and embellish them with fabric appliques and studs,” said Alliegro.

“The shorts are one-of-a-kind so part of the fun is finding your “soulmate, but we try to accommodate custom orders, ” said Pereira. Future plans for the Venezuelan best friends includes expanding their love for recycled fashion. “We want to bring the essence of our blog and make it available to our followers and customers with fashion that won’t break your bank,” said Alliegro. To shop check out:


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