Barre Motion Fitness Studio

Elongated legs? Check. Leaner arms and a tauter tummy? Check and check. Sculpt a lean and chiseled bod like a ballerina compliments of freshly minted Barre Motion Fitness Studio in Miami Beach.

Using a ballet bar and floor exercises, Barre Motion ($30 a class) applies sound scientific principles that precisely target individual muscle groups. Through concise sequences of low-impact, isometric movements originating deep in the muscles, Barre Motion pushes each group safely past its normal exertion point. The powerful movements maximize caloric burn and fatigue muscles until they shake, which is the sign they are being properly reshaped and sculpted.

“I believe the only way to maximize health and wellness is to leverage the synergies of the mind, body, and spirit – and to back that up with real, tangible science,” Barre Motion Creator Julie Jacko says. “Barre Motion is the culmination of decades of studying what drives human performance combined with my deep personal desire to create a beautiful and compelling destination where people can experience a challenging, fun, proven workout that will literally and quickly reshape their bodies,” she adds.

The Lenox Avenue-based studio boasts a fresh, clean and modern ambience. Replete with polished marble floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, mirrored walls, custom mats and an airy courtyard, the sunny space offers a contemporary vibe — with personalized touches. Complimentary wi-fi, changing rooms peppered with luxe soaps and beauty goods, showers and lockers are also on hand for those on-the-go.

Tutu (forgive the pun) good to be true? Hit the Barre and see what all the buzz is about.