Band of the Hour: Soniko


By Rayme Samuels

Eight years ago four friends formed the straight up rock band Soniko in Miami. Their bilingual songs have earned them buzz worthy accolades from MTV Tres and performances at music meccas like SXSW and the Billboard Latin Music Conference.

Soniko members Alex Izaguirre (vocals/rhythm guitars), Javier Guell (lead guitar), Jorge Garcia (bass), and Toto Gonzalez (drums) grew up in South America with dreams of being rock stars like Soda Stereo or Stone Temple Pilots. They have always had a vision for fusing these classic rock concepts with what they heard on their local radio stations. With the help of the likes of Shakira’s award winning engineer Marcelo Anez their sound is both brooding and refreshing.

“We have played in different places like L.A., NYC, Texas, Atlanta and it feels great because it’s a new audience but it’s always nice to come back and share that experience with our Miami friends and fans,” said Izaguirre. “We feel proud to be from Miami because it’s a city known for electronic music, tropical or pop . . . but the indie rock scene is huge here too and with amazing quality.”

Influenced by their native countries of Peru and Venezuela, these guys combine cumbia and salsa with Euro and American rock in songs like “Laberinto” and “Reverso”. For them it’s all about 90’s grunge mixed with the golden years of rock en Español. As Izaguirre explains, “It’s like having a Cafe Cubano with a muffin.”

They spent a fair amount of time travelling from coast to coast promoting their first album “Kombustión” and are now ready to take their act on the global stage with their second CD “Antidoto Parcial”. Eager to return to their native lands and perform on stages with their South American rock counterparts, Soniko hopes that their two albums inspire audiences down there as well.

Visit and listen to Soniko at their MySpace page at


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