Band of the Hour: Social Klash


Punk-New Wave Indie group Social Klash is all about challenging society to wake up. Using sweetly accented lyrics in both English and Spanish laced over electronic punk beats, this group manages to convert into fans anyone who hears their self-described Electro Klash sound. Through each song they hope to help listeners realize their creative individuality amongst the constantly evolving sociopolitical landscape.

Group members Mars Polem (vocals/guitar) and Andres Mara (minimoog/keyboards) started working on music together in 2003 when Abraham Salas (drums) joined them a year later in Fort Lauderdale. Their first album “Plastic Love” takes cues from artists like Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and Velvet Underground who symbolize the electronic wave, modern art, rock & roll 80’s sound, and British punk vibes that they admire.

Songs like “Amor Electrico” and “Come” reflect their almost electrically intense romantic inclinations. A thematic undercurrent in all of their work, love is a mainstay of the bands philosophy. Jamming together in their Hollywood-based Social Klash Studios, Polem and Mara usually write the lyrics to match the feelings captured by each member. Experimenting with new sounds and musical toys adds to the innovative energy of each session.

“We grew up as a band in this town, so it makes us want to share our creations with its people and specifically with the people that has been supporting us all along,” explained Polem. A new album slated to drop in September 2009 will be distributed not only in the United States but also in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

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