Band of the Hour: Minimal

By Rayme Samuels

It seems like everyone is cutting back these days. As the era of decadence winds down, pop rockers Minimal have also chosen to stay true to their name and embrace a simpler path. These ever evolving Spanish language musicians hope to take us along for the ride as they explore innovative ambient reverberations.

After five years making their rounds, these veterans are experiencing a rebirth. Their darker debut release “Fotos, Cartas y un Puñal” contrast sharply with their latest E.P. “Hermoso Caos” (“Beautiful Chaos” in English) is an upbeat take on the disorder of our lives. The quintet- Gabriel Ayala (vocals/guitar), Jose Luis Amador (guitars/charango/samplers), Roberto Taninaka (guitars/samplers), Emilio Sandoval (bass), Alejandro Angee (drums)- hope to surprise their dedicated followers with their new sound.

Signed to the visionary Fabrika Music label, the guys of Minimal work hard to create songs to reinforce their unique musical identity. Influenced by the music of their parents generation like boleros, cumbias , Afro-Peruvian waltzes, and  Spanish 80’s romantic pop, the group also finds inspiration in progressive Latin and American rockers like Café Tacuba and The Mars Volta .

Be sure to catch them around town before they hit the road this summer to spread their refreshing message in California and New York. Expounding on their genuine passion for music Angee explained, “We are not trying to sell you a prefabricated image or fool you with recreating popular formulas for music success.” Acting as dedicated hosts during every gig, these guys will make sure that you leave happier than when you arrived, even if things outside haven’t changed at all.

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