Band of the Hour: Five Ninez

Five Ninez.

By Rayme Samuels

Two summers ago they got their start at Rock Camp. Yes, Rock Camp. Against the protests of their parents Chris Harley Basadre (lead guitarist/vocalist), Matt Sebbag (bass guitar/vocals) and Kevin Orsillo (drums) all spent a summer at Miami Dade College’s Rock Camp USA, and became friends after noticing that they were each wearing the t-shirts of classic rock bands. The unsigned trio of teenagers formed Five Ninez and is on their way.

The 15 and 16 year olds aren’t spending all their time doing the usual mall and beach runs like their youthful counterparts. When not on stage, they are focused on honing their sound.  Looking up to classic rockers like Cream, Led Zepplin, The Who and The Doors, these guys are quick to note that they are not into alternative sounds. Their penchant for archetypal rock sounds resonates in each expertly arranged song.
They landed a regular monthly gig at Tobacco Road after the manager offered them the parking lot Happy Hour Band title. Landing a “spot on the wall” at the prestigious downtown Miami indie music haven, the guys of Five Ninez are now immortalized in city history with a mounted photo along with the title of the youngest resident band ever at Tobacco Road. “It’s really cool to see people of all ages out there enjoying the same music.  We also realize we’re very fortunate to be young and have the opportunity to play each weekend at these places,” explained Orsillo.

They’ve got bookings for most weekends in the future, regular gigs at Tobacco Road, and are constantly working on new songs to strengthen their skills. With their sights set on college and their own continued study of music, the future looks bright for these young guys.

Five Ninez will perform at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 22 at Tobacco Road, 626 South Miami Ave., Miami; 305-374-1198. Visit their website at


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