Bakehouse Art Complex

Bakehouse Art Complex

The lowdown: Tired of staring at blank walls? Then sojourn to the Bakehouse Art Complex to scope out local artists and possibly make an art acquisition. Now in its 25th year as a non-profit, the BAC in Wynwood Arts District is dedicated to attracting emerging and mid-career artists in South Florida to a workplace that provides affordable studios, exhibition galleries and professional development opportunities.

“We have over 60 artists in residence here at the BAC whose nationalities cover over 20 different countries. The styles and medium are no less diverse, as we have painters, sculptors, mixed media artists, performance artists, ceramicists, street artists and the list goes on,” says Lauren Wagner, Director of Exhibitions.

The name: The Bakehouse Art Complex’s moniker is derived from the original purpose of the building. This facility was the American Bakeries Company in the ‘20s and ‘30s and the founders of the organization wanted to remain true to the integrity of the historic building.

Why buy local: No matter where you go, supporting local talent is essential for a burgeoning arts district. The BAC also offers guests a rare glimpse into the artists’ creative world and allows for interaction directly with the artists prior to purchase. “We have a wide range of styles, media and price so honestly, there is bound to be something that pleases everyone’s aesthetic,” Wagner says.

The Director of Exhibitions says: “The diversity of our artists housed in this significant building, offers a very unique experience for our visitors. We are so pleased that the BAC continues to attract new and talented artists within our community. With our rotating monthly exhibitions, educational programming, special events and our roster of artists, each visit to the Bakehouse is fresh, dynamic and interesting,” Wagner adds.


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