Autumn Casey – video artist

Autumn Casey - photo by Anthony Spinello

Autumn Casey
Video Artist
Age: 24
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Where do you draw inspiration from?
Hollywood movies and classic films. Universal ideas in commercial movies. I take those lofty romantic themes and work backwards to myself.
What influences your work?
People, comedians, music, Coca-Cola commercials, advertisements
What mediums do you work in?
Video, sculpture
Describe your style?
Improvisational and satirical
What is your take on Miami as a place to hone one’s craft?
The heat might have an affect on it, making it a little more lazy and crazy at the same time.
Do you have any famous relatives?
Andrew Jackson, Uncle Sam and Barnum & Bailey. This according to my nana, who was a June Taylor dancer on the Jackie Gleason Show.
Tell us something about yourself no one would expect?
I’m really good at starting dance lines, conga lines. I have a compulsive dance line disorder or something. I run around saying join the dance train.
What about the two all-girl bands you are a member of?
Snake Hole is punk music. I recently joined Luma Younger. It’s post- punk, trancey, got synthes, haunting. We’re doing Cinema Sounds at O Cinema. We’re creating a 15 minute composition to accompany the Japanese film, House, which is really fun.
What are your favorite Miami hang-outs?
Churchills. I work there, but its fun to hang out, too. Lemoni café is really good
If you were hosting a fantasy dinner party, who are the 4 must have guests?
Michael Jackson, Mitch Headberg, John Belushi, and Lou Reed.
What Song brings back your best Miami memory?
Panama by Van Halen


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