“Arts & Crafts” at Buck15

Arts & Crafts at Buck 15. Photo: Jipsy.

Wake up your muse and participate in Buck15’s annual “Arts & Crafts” series, where local artists submit their creations usings a specified item (sneakers, t-shirts, skateboards). Sneakers are next in line.

Locals who want to participate can pick up a white Puma sneaker beginning September 1st, the deadline for completed works is the 13th of September.  The sneakers will be hung on the walls of Buck15 and  patrons will have up until the 28th of September to vote for their favorite piece.  The winners will be announced that Tuesday evening at 11:30 p.m.  First place winner will be awarded a $75 gift certificate to La Epoca Department Store in downtown.  Second place winner will receive a $75 bar comp at Buck15 to be used by October 28, 2010 and third place winner will receive a $25 Miss Yip gift certificate.


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