Art Basel recap: Pasta art, Prizm highlights and the most super art show ever

Tomas Loewy

Art Basel, the main event, opened yesterday and, contrary to what you may have thought, art people love pasta. Check out the blog: 

“Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattelan’s Pasta Wow installation at the Beyeler will make you stop dead in your tracks and roar with laughter. It’s the kind of surreal tableaux the two Italian artists have created for years and featured in their magazine Toiletpaper. Cattelan, known for his irreverent humor, in 1999 also famously created a life-sized sculpture of the pope getting struck down by a meteorite.”

More here. But here’s a photo of the carb-tastic work.

Here’s a photo of the VIP crowd milling around the works at the Convention Center. Just so you can see what the people who are actually going to buy some art look like. 

Galerie Gmurzynska presents historic art work, including the attendance of Claude Picasso, Picasso’s son, on first day of Art Basel Wed., Nov. 30, 2016, inside the Miami Beach Convention Center. CARL JUSTE

Have a look at the entire photo gallery here

But if you are interested in going to an art show with art you can acutally take home, tonight there is a decidedly low-brow event that features the kind of art that Bob Ross would be proud of because all the art comes from the walls of a Super 8 motel. Read about it here. Here’s a sample of the art: 



Prizm Art Fair opened as well yesterday in their new Little River digs. Here’s a recap. Tonight the programming includes two performances: Exhibiting graphic artist and sculptor Nyugen Smith orchestrates a three-generation Salvation Army band in a musical conversation between the marching band tradition and his family’s Haitian heritage. That sounds fun. 

Here is a cool before and after: Bay area artist Laura Kimpton, who is a legend in the world of Burning Man for her giant sculptures, installed one of her works at the upcoming “innovation district” in Little Haiti. Read all about that here

Here it is during the day. 

And here it is AT NIGHT. 

This looks magical. Photo by Tomas Loewy.