Art and music converge at Cauley Square's Lucid Gallery

Lucid Gallery is a one-of-a-kind space in Cauley Square where local music and art fuse in an ethereal way for people to enjoy and relax. Visual art of all genres is displayed and bands perform inside and outside of the gallery for a nonstop party experience.

The music offered at Lucid Gallery is usually feel-good rock, reggae, funk, and free-style hip-hop. Guests who walk into the
gallery will experience the positive vibe full of music, art and drinks.

The gallery opened August of last year and has since hosted free events every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. Special events are often prepared for certain holidays.

Local artists are encouraged to contact the owners to possibly get their art displayed at these events.

According to Ariel Soler, an owner of Lucid Gallery, visitors often find themselves walking into the gallery and running into friends they haven’t seen in years.

“In just about every event, someone will walk into the gallery and look across the room and see someone that they haven’t seen in a long time and get reacquainted,” said Ariel.

Lucid Gallery has plans to make itself its own art piece or installation where people can stand or sit in awe of the space.

Located in the nostalgic village of Cauley Square, the gallery is conveniently surrounded by shops, restaurants, gardens and an aviary.

The events are usually promoted through Facebook and word-of-mouth. For more event updates, local bands that often perform at the gallery can be followed, such as Satori Kings, Mandy Lane, Ervin’s groove, and Eric Vic Band.