Anna Kournikova

Photo: Chris Carlson

By Fred Gonzalez

Miami resident, tennis bombshell and K-Swiss fashionista Anna Kournikova changed up her regular routine a bit this past weekend. She ran the four-mile leg of the Nautica South Beach Triathlon as part of a celebrity relay team that included Olympian Dana Torres (swimming) and model/triathlete Katya Myers (biking). With a large bottle of water in hand post-run, and the admission that she ate too much seafood the night before, Kournikova, 26, took a time out to talk about running, boyfriend Enrique Iglesias and her home.

Why did you decide to compete in the triathlon?
"The most important reason I did this was for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. With it here in Miami, it was a no-brainer. I had never done one of these, so it was also a new experience and challenge for me."

Did you do any kind of special training, or did you just get up and go?
"It was more like I’ll just get up in the morning and do it, and whatever happens afterwards, who cares. I workout regularly, so I did not change one thing. I do my usual 30 to 45 minute weights and then I walk for like an hour or so. I don’t run. Four times a week."

Did you watch Enrique [Iglesias] perform on the Latin Billboards?
"I did. I watched it on TV. I didn’t go. We never mix work. We keep that separate."

Why did Miami become home for you?
"It’s really strange, but ever since I came her for the first time in 1992, I fell in love with it. I thought if I can make enough money, I would buy a place here. But in 1997, I moved here permanently and Miami is the only place where I actually own property."

What is it about Miami that’s special for you?
"I just love the area and the water and the weather and the people. I travel so much for work that when I come home, it’s like I am on vacation. I like the relaxed lifestyle and being able to wear flip-flops and shorts. In a city like New York you can’t go outside and relax, and I don’t have time to worry about how I look. And I like that it’s a small community. I just like everything about it."

Do you have any favorite restaurants?
"I don’t go to big, new trendy ones. I go to classic ones, like China Grill and Nobu and Bond Street. Big Pink. Alta Mar. I don’t normally go to Ocean Drive or Lincoln Road."

Would you change anything about Miami?
"I think Miami is perfect. I wouldn’t want the roads to be any bigger because there would be more cars. Parking is a little difficult, but I wouldn’t change anything."


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