Anastasia Soare

There’s the Bert (think unsightly unibrow).

Then there’s the pin-thin eyebrow look that was cool in the ‘90s.

And let’s not forget the Frodo (picture Elijah Wood’s bushy brows in those way-too-long Lord of the Rings flicks).

None of the above are good things.

To channel your inner Brooke Shields, meet Eyebrow Queen, Anastasia Soare,  the eyebrow guru to the stars who recently visited Miami to teach guests how to achieve their ideal brow shape.

We chatted up Anastasia and here are some tips to bag brilliant brows…

Thick brows are in. What can one do to grow over-plucked brows? There’s a few steps to take to grow your brows back in. Realize that this process takes a very long time if your brows are severely over tweezed. Brow hairs grow in a sparse pattern and full re-growth will take 4 months. First, fill in your ideal shape daily to avoid tweezing in the growth area Next, use a brow enhancing serum (ABH) to stimulate hair growth

What is your must-have Anastasia item? Clear Brow Gel and the Brow Wiz Pencil (in Medium Ash 


What is the best tip for fabulous  looking brows? Trimming brows can work wonders. Sometimes a little trimming will clean up your arch in between visits when they are starting to look a little messy. Also, use some brow gel after to keep them neat.


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