An anti aging treatment for nails? There's a polish for that

Worried about your nails? Sometimes manis and pedis won’t cut it. You need the right polish to keep your fingers looking fine. Let us introduce you a newbie on the block, which Hilary Swank wore at the Met gala (pretty in Persuasive pink). It’s by Dermelect. Nope,  Kim Kardashian doesn’t have a color yet (like she does with OPI) but this stuff works wonders for weak, brittle nails and restores flexibility, helps resist chipping/splitting and provides long lasting shine and a bold statment. Go on and wash your hands as hard as you want (skip the Purell today) because Dermelect is water and detergent resistant. What’s up with this product? Makers say it’s made with something called ProSina, a protein-peptide derived from the wool of New Zealand sheep. Think of like keratin for your hands but look ma! No formaldehyde. Find Dermelect Cosmeceuticals lacquers for $14.00 at Free shipping on orders over $50.


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