Alter Ego fetish party brings debauchery to new venue

This Saturday, Fetish Factory’s monthly Alter Ego fetish party will have its second go-around at its new venue, Fort Lauderdale’s Sea Monster Nightclub, a gay-friendly, straight-friendly, goth, drag, New Wave mashup type of place that sounds like the perfect home for those who like to dress in latex and engage in light bondage on the weekends.

February’s party is the Valentine’s Fetish Ball, and according to FF’s site, the turnout will be strong with “lots of pervy energy,” so you might want to buy your tickets online (NSFW) rather than at the door.

Also worth noting: Fetish Factory recently Twitter’d that there are only 60 rooms left for their huge 15-year Anniversary Fetish Weekend (NSFW, again), attended by more than 3,500 fetishists from around the world. Book now if you want to be as close to the action as possible—otherwise, you’ll be relegated to the dreaded “overflow hotel” where people have to walk around fully clothed and conduct themselves with some semblance of normalcy. Where’s the fun in that?




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