Alice+Olivia Designer Talks Fashion

Alice and Olivia designer Stacey Bendet was at Bal Habour’s Saks Fifth Avenue Thursday afternoon to present her candy inspired 2011 Resort Wear collection. The petite New York based fashionista had models clad in her colorful contemporary line and turned the second floor of the department store into a mini Candy Land. Attendees filed in head-to-toe in her creations and munched on sweets from candy stations while sipping on pink mini bottles of Chandon with rainbow hued straws. We chatted up the mother of two on why she decided to host the event in Miami, why she’s become a favorite among young Hollywood starlets and what we can expect to see in her upcoming Fall 2012 collection which she’s currently working on. 


Why did you decide to come to Miami to present your Resort Wear collection?

Saks asked me if I would come and do a fun event. We were going to do a lunch originally, but then we decided to do something fun like an afternoon girl party.


You’ve been to Miami before and you did a pop up shop at Scarlett boutique in South Miami a few years ago. So what do you like about Miami?

I just love the energy here. It’s fun. The girls are fun. People are beautiful. What’s there not to like?


Candy was the inspiration behind the collection. How did you go about translating that into your collection?

The whole theme was “I want candy.” So the colors were all based on the colors of a candy store. It’s really suppose to be impulsive fun. Like you look at it and you’re like I have to have that.


A lot of young Hollywood starlets don your clothes to red carpet events. Why do you think they turn to you to get them dressed? 

I think it’s because the clothes have a wearability and a sexiness. It’s fun and you know it’s clothes that is suppose to make a statement. It’s not a little black dress that noone  is not going to notice. 


You have a section on your website called 4a.m. finds. Do you really wake up and do that yourself?

I do. If I can’t sleep. I go online and I’m looking at furniture or wall paper for doll houses and whatever it is.


Are you planning on doing another collaboration in the future like you did with Payless?

Well, now we have our own shoes which I’m wearing right now. I don’t like doing lower price collaborations because it’s not like we make five thousand dollar dresses the line is pretty affordable. I really take so much pride in making clothes that is really beautiful and the fit is perfect. 


You’re a mom now, how is it balancing both work and family? 

Being a mom is amazing. It’s this love and satisfaction you’ve never felt, but at the same time it takes a lot to balance a career and traveling with two little girls who need and want you all the time. There’s a little bit of a guilt factor, but at the same time they get to grow up seeing their mom work and hopefully it will be inspiring for them some day. 


What can we expect to see in your upcoming Fall 2012 collection?

I’m actually working on it still. It’s gonna be colorful and better than my last. 






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