Agustina Woodgate – conceptual artist

Agustina Woodgate and Typoe photos by Anthony Spinello

Agustina Woodgate
Conceptual Artist
Age: 30
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Has 10 years of Art Basel in Miami made it easier or harder for you as an artist to get your work out there and your talents recognized?
Of course it affects or influences the place where I am, more than me in particular, so eventually it will recognize me.
What mediums do you work in?
I train myself in all sorts of crafts. When I started the rug collection, I didn’t know how to sew, I just knew that I wanted to make rugs out of these animal skins, teddy bears. So I bought my first teddy bear together with a sewing machine and I taught myself to sew. Same thing with wood work or sanding or construction or spinning to craft a wig out of human hair that is 10 yards long; if I don’t know the medium, I’ll just learn it.
Tell us something about yourself no one would expect?
I’m taking pilot lessons. I’m learning how to fly.
How did you find yourself in Miami?
Love. My boyfriend, who’s now my husband, was traveling here for a job.
Is Miami a good place to hone your craft?
Miami is a playground; it’s a very available city to work with space.
In the past five years, what is a positive change you’ve seen around town?
Wynwood Art Fair. That was amazing, all the community getting together for a cause. It was refreshing and community building is a necessity.
What do you do on Sundays?
I cook for all my friends or family, whoever is in town. I have like 10 people at my table for a gourmet meal.
If you were hosting a fantasy dinner party, who are the 4 must-have guests, dead or alive?
Mick Jagger, Louise Bourgeois, Kurt Cobain and David Bowie


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