A Bubbly Apple Accessory

Designer cases and fancy apps, watch you back!

Bubble Buttons ($4.99) prove to be the latest and greatest in iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories.

Think of these bubbly and adorably designed buttons as your thumb’s best friend for navigating back home.

And there’s a Miami tie, too! Bubble Buttons are the brainchild of two South Florida entrepreneurs, Eugenia Alliegro and Sergio Velez, and the collection just got picked up by Urban Outfitters (next month).

Bubble Buttons are designed to stay put, yet can easily be removed and switched out without leaving residue or marks behind. Simply stick on a Bubble Button that matches your mood, outfit, or the season and when it’s time to change, peel it off and repeat.

Once you go Bubble Button, you’ll be a glutton.


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