8 Best Places For People Watching in Miami

Miami is paradise for people watching. No matter where you are, you’ll surely find a bit of entertainment studying the locals and visitors of the Magic City. Our population is diverse, so even in the quietest neighborhoods, you’ll find at least a few interesting characters. If you’re in the mood for some serious people watching though, head to these eight places pronto.

1. Lincoln Road

Tourists, tourists, and more tourists. Grab a seat at a restaurant lining Lincoln Road Mall, sit back and watch the parade go by. You’ll see society women in sky high heels with tiny dogs, older men in nothing but cut-offs and roller blades, young couples strolling hand in hand seeking the Sunday farmer’s market, break dancers, street performers and people who’ve created their own gender identity loving life in open-minded South Beach.

2. Wynwood

You’ll never see more ironic mustaches and Instagram fashionistas all in one place than you’ll see in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District (pictured at top). Grab a cold brew at Panther or a taco at Coyo, then perch yourself on the bleachers at Wood Tavern to watch dozens of folks who look like they could be extras for Broad City. If you wander around during Second Saturday Art Walk, you’ll find an eclectic mix of rich art collectors, poor art students and the folks who were there before gentrification simply trying to survive the two.

3. Every Brunch Spot In CocoWalk

Grab brunch at Greenstreet or any other spot along CocoWalk and watch hoards of Groveites (and their dogs) stroll past on a weekend afternoon. They’re young, they’re old, they’re mostly fit. Some go by jogging, others on bikes and still others run past with their baby strollers. High society women and old hippies intermingle, but it seems like a love of four-legged furry creatures is what they all have in common. 3015 Grand Ave, Coconut Grove; 305-444-0777

4. Ocean Drive & Lummus Park

 The infamous Ocean Drive and Lummus Park are full of exceptionally beautiful people. Grab a seat at one of the of the many outdoor cafes (we like News Café) and watch the beautiful people walk on by. You’ll see beautiful models from faraway lands. Beautiful hostel-goers from faraway lands. Beautiful locals that probably own faraway lands.

5. Prime 112

Sofia Vergara. Owen Wilson. Cameron Diaz. LeBron James. Ciara. Everybody with the last name Kardashian. These are the folks you’ll rub elbows with dining at Prime 112. You’ll also see plenty of well-to-do SoBe residents, but you’ll mostly be doing your best to sneak a peek at the guy sitting at the bar next to you who may or may not be Leonardo DiCaprio. 112 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach; 305-532-8112 

6. Mary Brickell Village

The uber-yuppified Mary Brickell Village is ripe with well-dressed, well-coiffed men and women who obviously frequent the gym. It’s a great place to people watch if you’re single and career driven. These are the young elite and you can watch them all as you sip on a Glenlivet from the bar at Fado Irish Pub or while you eat an expensive burger outside Burger and Beer Joint. 901 S Miami Ave, Brickell; 305-381-6130

7. The Sands of South Beach

Depending on what time of day you end up on South Beach, you’ll see a different crowd. Early mornings give way to the low-carb fitness crowd, running on the sand or doing downward dogs with the rising sun. Mid-day attracts young college co-eds, European tourists, old dudes in speedos and the occasional surfer. After the sun sets, you’ll find underage teens sneaking booze, twenty-somethings looking for a post-club hangout, and the occasional resident simply seeking out the stars.

8. Miami International Airport

People from all over the globe are  arriving and departing daily from Miami International Airport. You’ll hear a variety of languages, dialects and accents while scrolling through your newsfeed at the gate. You’ll see teary-eyed lovers saying farewell, children running to greet their parents, businesswomen busy sealing deals on their laptops, comic fans dressed up and en-route to the convention center, tired fathers keeping their kids entertained after another flight delay, people young and old with service dogs at their feet… anyone and everyone. 2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami; 305-876-7000


Priscilla Blossom

is a freelance writer specializing in travel, pop culture, parenting, and all things feminist. She’s a staff writer for Romper.com, a contributor to USA Today’s 10Best, Hello Giggles, Ravishly, MommyNearest, and of course, Miami.com. She enjoys yoga, 90s and early aughts teen dramas, craft beer, fancy cocktails, vegetarian cuisine, and snuggling her toddler.