6 reasons The Traymore Restaurant should become your new hangout

Whether you’re drawn by the brunch, the booze or the decadent bar bites, we’ve put together six reasons to fall in love with the Traymore Retsaurant & Bar in the Metropolitan by COMO. 

1. The food

With a menu that runs the gamut from surf to turf, the Traymore offers simple yet refined options for every palate. Start your dinner with the most tender mussels you’re likely to find in South Florida, then dig into the roasted fish of the day – locally-sourced and always fresh. If you’re in the mood for some lighter fare, the restaurant’s COMO Shambala menu offers fresh juices and dishes designed to balance blood-sugar levels, raise energy, and retain living enzymes.

Grilled Jumbo Octopus
Grilled Jumbo Octopus, photo/COMO Hotels

2.  The brunch

In Miami, we like to treat brunch as a category unto itself, and the Traymore gives it the reverance and consideration it deserves. The menu features a-la-carte, personal-sized portions, and some cocktails designed to pack some serious punch (beware, the Breakfast Martini is not for lightweights). Unlike many of Miami Beach’s boozy, bougie, party-driven brunches, brunch at the Traymore is more laid-back luxe than upscale fluff.   

french toast
Brioche French Toast, photo/Hedonist Shedonist

3. The gin

Located in the hotel lobby, Traymore Gin Bar’s Gin Club serves over 30 artisanal gins and signature gin-centric cocktails. From $20 gin and tonic flights, to creative craft libations geared for gin connoisseurs and newbies alike, the bar has become a favorite post-work and pre-party hangout for locals and visitors alike. Come during social hour and ejoy $6 gin and tonics, $5 beers, $8 liquor and wine, and $10 specialt cocktails every day from 5-7 p.m. and 10-11 p.m.


4. The desserts

Designed and created by Executive Pastry Chef Emmanuel Alves, desserts at the Traymore Restaurant & Bar are so beautiful and artfully crafted you feel guilty eating them. But once you push past your inner qualms and take the first bite, it’s nigh imposssible to stop.  

Sesame Cannelloni with Passion Fruit Creme
Sesame Cannelloni with Passion Fruit Cream, photo/COMO Hotels

5. The jazz

The Traymore’s recently launched Gin & Jazz series, sponsored by Bulldog Gin, brings live jazz performances to the restaurant once a month. Guests can gather after work and enjoy their choice of complimentary champagne or gin and tonics, along with passed hors d’oeuvres. Set in the hotel’s posh Art Deco lobby, the experience just oozes low-key glam. 

gin bar
Photo/COMO Hotels


6. The details

At the Traymore Restaurant & Bar, the experience is in the details. From the handy purse rack conveniently placed next to your seat, to the warm, moist juniper-and-lavender-scented towels presented to you before every meal (each has been soaked in aromatic herb-infused water), every gesture at the Traymore has thought and consideration behind it. 

Chef Juan
Chef Juan LoaisigaPhoto/COMO Hotels