6 Coffee Table Books For Every Miami Household

When it comes to home décor, there is nothing quite as distressing as an empty coffee table. Call us absurd, but have you ever met an interesting person that didn’t have at least one telling book in their living room? The perfect coffee table book can do more than dress up your bare and boring digs, it can also be a conversation starter. If you’re in search for the ideal statement piece, we’ve cataloged the best Miami books to fit your personality.

The Architect

Miami Beach Deco

By Steven Brooke

With vibrant lights and vintage appeal, they don’t call Miami the “Magic City” for nothing. The curvature and colors of Miami Beach’s Art Deco District have attracted visitors from around the globe since the 1930s. When the area fell into decline in the ’70s and ’80s, photographer Steven Brooke was one of the many who fought to protect the Art Deco District from the wrecking ball.

The History Buff

Miami: Then and Now

By Carolyn Klepser and Arva Moore Parks McCabe

You may travel on the Julia Tuttle Causeway every day, but how much do you actually know about the woman it’s named after? “Miami: Then and Now” delves into the history of the Mother of Miami and gives a play-by-play of how the city became the bustling place we call home.

The Environmentalist

Everglades: America’s Wetland

By Mac Stone

It’s easy to forget the vastness of South Florida’s nature from a Brickell office. Photographer, Mac Stone, does the spectacular wonder of the Everglades justice with compelling pictures that will give you a new appreciation for your home state.

The Trendsetter

Emilio Pucci

By Vanessa Friedman, Alessandra Arezzi Boza and Armando Chitolina 

He may have not been a Floridian, but we think that Emilio Pucci would have made a suitable resident of the Magic City. The late designer was known for free-moving fabrics, pop art prints, and a bold color palette that embodies our electrifying culture. With jetsetter styles and an A-list clientele, Pucci was and always will be an honorary Floridian.

The Artist


By David Bethune

What better ode to the Miami cultural scene than a representation of its DNA: Wynwood? Outside of Art Basel and the curated Perez Art Museum Miami, the murals of Wynwood are pieces of the 305 that are living, breathing and changing constantly. In his book, David Bethune combines two images into the same frame, paying a homage to the murals with a new perspective. 

The Romantic


Beautiful & Damned

By Robert M. Drake

Let’s be honest, Robert M. Drake is Miami’s hometown literary hero. We admit that we never get tired of stumbling across his profound sentences that dress up our streets. With each and every Instagram photo, Drake has helped us believe that love exists on a grand scale, and that we, too, can be self-made success stories.