5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Sprouting up In the Design District

The Miami Design District is poppin’. As in, welcoming new haute shops and yummy eats by the millisecond. Already home to a larger-than-life Louis Vuitton, tri-level Hermès, Tom Ford, Rolex, Bulgari, Pucci, Cartier, Fendi and more, here are 5 places you didn’t know were sprouting up on the posh, 18-square block neighborhood.

1) Ahana Yoga

Now you can get downward, dogs. Ahana Studio, lead by locally loved yoga instructor Dawn Feinberg, is a valid reason to nama-stay in the Design District for some flexy and stretch-y fun.

2) Gucci Flagship

Leading the latest round of openings, the iconic Italian luxury brand Gucci has announced it will build a flagship store. “Gucci has always represented great design and contemporary lifestyle,” Gucci President and CEO Marco Bizzarri says of the flagship. “We want to be where collectors, style influencers and cultural creatives come together, and in Miami that’s the Design District,” he adds. #GetThatGucci

3) Estefan Kitchen

Get on your feet, we mean, eats! Adding to the dining and cocktail options in the neighborhood, Emilio and Gloria Estefan will open their new, high-end Cuban concept — Estefan Kitchen —  in the Design District’s Palm Court. Alas, another reason to do the conga, meng.


4) Did we Mention MORE shopping and noms?

The latest list of new openings includes announcements that American designer Alexander Wang, French fashion house Eres, eyewear designer Warby Parker and the contemporary fashion retailer Cos will soon open shops in the Miami Design District. And to fill that hungry belly of yours, New York’s cult downtown clubhouse, The Smile, will present its new concept for coffee, baked goods, snacks and sandwiches in an airy, laid-back workspace environment.


5) A BIGGER Christian Louboutin

Red bottom lovers will love this juicy nugget. Luxury footwear icon AKA “The Man With the Red Sole,” Christian Louboutin, announced he will expand his current presence in the District by opening a flagship store in the Spring of 2017. #GetReadyToDropAWad