5 Spotify playlists to keep you going after Miami Music Week

Whether your Miami Music Week event schedule consisted of confetti cannons, underground after hours, poolside lounging, or Ultra, we’ve found five Spotify playlists to keep you buzzed on beats, pre- and post-party. 

1. Hot House

If you like your house dark, sexy and intense, Spotify’s own Hot House playlist should satisfy your beat fix. Featuring names like Solardo, Mark Knight, and Prok & Fitch, it also includes some unexpected tribal gems by artists like Wolfgang Gartner and EDX. Classy AF, if you ask us.

2. Underground Essentials by Carabetta & Doons

The plebes may call it “tiki-tiki music,” but you – discerning connoisseur that you are – hear depth, texture and an irresistible urge to show off your steps on the dance floor. If the Terrace at Space is your happy place, you’ll love Carabetta & Doons’ Underground Essentials playlist.

3. Freshly Squeezed by Tom & Collins

So you love deep house and you’re a sucker for thick, chunky grooves, soulful vocals and a funky-fresh bass line? Then Tom & Collins’ Freshly Squeezed is the perfect soundtrack to take you from poolside day-drinking to the after-hours fiesta.

4. Miami Music Week - Panda Funk Playlist

For all those rave bros out there who just want to go hard, don your neon frat tanks and bandanas and wild out to Pand Funk’s Miami Music Week playlist. Featuring a slew of high-octane bangers and bass-forward remixes of popular hits, it’s the perfect playlist to help you turn way, way up.

5. Best Of Dance by Aftercluv

Universal Music Group’s dance-only division, Aftercluv has curated a list of must-listen tracks that covers every kind of dance fan, from soaring big-room and pop-progressive, to electro-cumbia and classic house. If you’re new to the whole WMC thing and want to try a bit of everything, this playlist is a crash-course on the face of dance music today.