5 reasons to celebrate the return of Gazzman Couleur

Gazzman Couleur has a new album out and we are excited.

After a two-year absence in which his presence on the dance-driven konpa scene wasn’t felt and some had written him off, Gazzman Couleur is enjoying a musical rebirth. 

His latest album, Kleré Yo, is the perfect marriage of language, love and Haitian culture.

dISIP, Gazzman Couleur's group presents their latest album Kleré Yo.
dISIP, Gazzman Couleur’s group presents their latest album Kleré Yo.

The 12-track album is deeply personal, filled with lyrics of love and loss, and messages of faith and hope.

For months, he and his South Florida-based band dISIP (as in disciple — a nod to his deep sense of spirituality) have been wooing fans and winning accolades with the album’s electrified guitar and keyboard-driven rhythms —fanning hope that konpa dirèk may finally be able to break through its wall of isolation. 

Here are five reasons we are glad he is back. 

1. Major props

His band disip’s album Klere Yo (Enlighten them) is winning accolades and top Konpa Album of the Year honors from a number of groups keeping a close tab on the ins, and outs of the Haitian music industry.

“Disip’s album is fabulous,” said Garry Pierre-Pierre, publisher of the New York-based Haitian Times newspaper and producer of Kreyolfest, the largest Haitian music festival north of Miami.

2. He's extra...


At 6-foot-2-inches, Gazzman Couleur has a commanding presence on stage that makes every performance a surprising delight, from a body wave at a club to a non-stop performance dressed as Darth Vader.

“People who are afraid of challenges are people who don’t believe in themselves,” Couleur said.

3. He's sentimental


He’s not afraid to sing about “Heartbreak & Misery,” and his collaboration with one of the most sought-after composers in the business, former Tabou Combo guitarist Dener Céide, on the R & B-inspired hit still has fans cooing into an a Capella euphoria.

4. He can sing, duh

What a voice. Whether he’s sparring verbally with another konpa singer or sharing a duet with Guadeloupean songstress Jessye Belleval about how “It Doesn’t Matter,” Couleur’s voice keeps fans mesmerize.

“Gazzman has a beautiful voice; one of the best voices in the Haitian music industry,” said Frantz Duval, editor-in-chief of Ticket.

5. He's in demand

He had several performances a the beginning of 2017, including one in the Turks and Caicos; followed by another at Hollywood Live and a free concert at Sounds of Little Haiti. It will be interesting to see what other events he books in the future!