4 parties in Miami from pool to dinner to retro


Junk food and stoner movies go together like Cheech and Chong, like Jonah Hill and whoever his co-star is, and like the girls from Broad City. But elevating the whole concept is Giorgio Rapicavoli, Alex Casanova and the crew at Eating House, 804 Ponce de Leon, whose Miami Munchies summer menu during dinner service only now through Friday, Sept. 30 is a seven-course post-inhalation-inspired menu at – wait for it – $42.0 per person. Among the courses: Cold Pizza (focaccia, charred tomato and local mozzarella), PB&J “Poutine” (sweet potato, smoked peanut, blueberry and bacon), and nachos (black truffle queso, 420-minute braised short rib). Best of all, $4.20 per dinner will be donated to United for Care, an organization run by People United for Medical Marijuana to advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Florida for the treatment of debilitating medical conditions. Being over-stuffed, however, doesn’t count. 

Singing the Bleaus

If you go overseas and tell someone you’re from Miami, they either say in their broken accents, Miami Vice, or they recount their fondest experiences dancing at a pool party to the tunes of some DJ who hails from their part of the world. Wet, hot pool parties are a Miami thing, indeed, and, beginning at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 13, Y-100’s ELECTRIC MACK-A-POOLOOZA will create even more memories for folks near and abroad with sounds by DJs Steve Aoki (pictured), Afrojack and Alesso, spinning on the Fontainebleau’s ocean lawn. A cocktail and show package of $50 includes a ticket to the show, one Grey Goose or Bacardi cocktail for 21 and over party people or non-alcoholic drinks for 21 and under or those who don’t imbibe, as well as $15 discounted valet parking, which is quite memorable in itself. 


Some of us will remember fondly when the Delano first opened back in 1995 and we did anything to sneak into that surrealistic pool just for a little Starck-ian sunning and celeb spotting. Same with the Raleigh, whose truly iconic swimming pool has been a draw since the days of (Google alert) Esther Williams. Making it a lot easier for you to sneak in to their pool, The Raleigh, 1775 Collins Ave., is actually inviting bathing beauties to hang at the pool every single day of the week. That’s right, from Monday through Thursday, you can get a day pass as long as you spend a minimum of $30 on food and drink, or from Friday through Sunday as long as you spend $60 on food and drink. To help get you to that minimum, on Saturdays and Sundays there’s a roaming sangria cart with $12 glasses or $50 pitchers. For more information, email poolandbeach@raleighhotel.com. 

Flashback Friday

Whether you were into the grunge scene, the rave scene or you just danced to the screeching sound of the just introduced AOL dial up sound, the ’90s and its music and culture left a mark on many and for those who were just fetuses during that time, we’re sorry. But from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. Friday, Aug. 12, Churchill’s Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., is paying–and playing homage to the ’90s with a big party, the ’90s Flashback Fest and Costume Contest featuring four stages of era-inspired music and a contest giving away $100 to the person who best captures the decade via costume be it The Rachel ‘do, 90210 sideburns, flannel, slap bracelets, Rollerblades, Tamagotchi if you can find any and so on. Cover charge is $10.