4 movies to see, one to skip this weekend June 24-26

Here’s a rundown of which new movies to see and which ones to skip this weekend:

Worth Seeing

1. ‘The Neon Demon’ (R) – 3 stars

“In its last half-hour, The Neon Demon turns into a full-on horror show, with sequences so outrageously ghastly and offensive even Bret Easton Ellis would blanch..” (Read More)

2. ‘De Palma’ (R) – 3 stars

“Brian De Palma never achieved the box-office and Oscar glory of his contemporaries (Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese), but this documentary is a testament to a talent that merits a place at their table.” (Read More)

3. ‘Sin Alas’ (unrated) – 3 stars

“Director Ben Chace, working with a small crew that includes the talented cinematographer Sean Price Williams, persuasively recreates a vision of an earlier Havana filled with glamorous true believers, menacing military men and cocktail chatter about revolutionary aesthetics.” (Read More)

4. ‘The Shallows’ (PG-13) – 2.5 stars

“Every summer needs a movie that’s as sun-drenched and easy-breezy as The Shallows, the Blake Lively vehicle that pits surfer vs. shark..” (Read More)

Skip It

1.‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ (PG-13) – 1 star

“From the metallic shell of the 1996 smash Independence Day, director Roland Emmerich has pulled a seriously lousy sequel, dripping with alien goo and incoherence..” (Read More)

Still playing

1. ‘Finding Dory’ (PG) – 2.5 stars

“Finding Dory isn’t so much a sequel to Finding Nemo as it is a Looney Tunes spin-off: Wilder, sillier, broader and instantly disposable.” (Read More)

2. ‘Central Intelligence’ (PG-13) – 2.5 stars

“Central Intelligence is shot from a script that contains actual dialogue rather than stage directions for endless gun fights and sex scenes.” (Read More)

3. ‘The Conjuring 2 (R) – 3 stars

“The Conjuring 2 exceeds the scopes and scares of the surprise horror hit from 2013.” (Read More)