3 movies to see, 3 to skip this weekend Nov. 18-20


Worth Seeing


1. ‘Christine’ (R) – 3 and a half stars

“On the morning of July 15, 1974, Christine Chubbuck, a TV reporter who hosted a community affairs show on the Sarasota, Fla., station WXLT, shot herself in the head nine minutes into a live broadcast.” (Read More)


2. ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ (PG-13) – 3 stars

“It’s not Hogwarts, but J.K. Rowling still has some magic in her.” (Read More)


3. ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ (R) – 3 stars

“A genial endeavor.” (Read More)

Skip It


1.‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ (R) – 2 stars

“A compromised movie.” (Read More)


2. ‘Nocturnal Animals’ (R) – 2 stars

“If this movie were a person, it would be constantly admiring itself in the mirror.” (Read More)


3. ‘Bleed for This’ (R) – 2 and a half stars

“You can’t shake the sense that the real Vinny Paz is far more fascinating than this basic boxing biopic.” (Read More)


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