3 movies to see, 2 to skip this weekend Sept. 16-18


Worth Seeing


1. ‘The Beatles: Eight Days a Week’ (unrated) – 3 stars

“There’s a saying in pop music that “a hit is a hit,” meaning you can’t ever quite explain why a song captures us. Why do the Beatles fascinate us? Because they do.” (Read More)


2. ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ (R) – 3 stars

“What a treat it is to dive back into the cozy world of Bridget Jones, who is the kind of old friend you can pick up with right where it left off, no matter how long it’s been.” (Read More)


3. ‘The People Vs. Fritz Bauer’ (R) – 3 and a half stars

“Does any culture examine its own ugly history with the honesty of the Germans?” (Read More)


Skip It


1.‘Blair Witch’ (R) – 2 stars

“‘The Blair Witch Project’ was revolutionary; ‘Blair Witch’ is just another sequel.” (Read More)


2.‘Snowden’ (R) – 2 and a half stars

“The film only regards Snowden as a soldier, hero and patriot. The argument it makes is a compelling one, but the lack of perspective is limiting.” (Read More)

Still playing

1. ‘Sully’ (PG-13) – 3 and a half stars

“‘Sully’ captures the essence of what made the Miracle on the Hudson so grippingly inspiring.” (Read More)


2.‘Don’t Breathe’ (R) – 2 stars

“You start out fearing “Don’t Breathe,” but by the end you’re laughing at it — and the humor is not intentional.” (Read More)


3. ‘War Dogs’ (R) – 3 stars

““War Dogs” incorporates its Miami backdrop of flashy cars, glitzy nightclubs, sunny beaches, “Scarface” movie posters and giant penthouses into the psyches of its two protagonists, showing us the ideal of success the duo was pursuing.” (Read More)

4. ‘Hell or High Water’ (R) – 3 and a half stars

“This is the most arresting and entertaining mainstream movie in a summer season crowded with giant entertainments that pummeled the audience into fatigue.” (Read More)