3 movies to see, 2 to skip this weekend July 1-4

Here’s a rundown of which new movies to see and which ones to skip this weekend:

Worth Seeing

1. ‘The BFG’ (PG) – 3 stars

“The most effective moments of The BFG are the ones that hit home with wistful emotion, but surprise with the possibilities of magic in connections – those moments that Spielberg and Dahl have defined for a generation.” (Read More)

2. ‘Swiss Army Man’ (R) – 3 stars

“Weird and wonderful, disgusting and demented, Swiss Army Man is about how one man’s dead body nudges another man back to life.” (Read More)

3. ‘Wiener-Dog’ (R) – 3 stars

“Director Todd Solondz is not entirely immune to the charms of the beautiful brown dachshund he’s placed front and center here. But he never lets those charms distract him from the dog’s chief purpose, which is to bear witness to a rich and appalling spectrum of human idiocy, misery and self-absorption. ” (Read More)

Skip It

1.‘The Legend of Tarzan’ (PG-13) – 1 star

“When Tarzan belts out his trademark jungle yell, it sounds like a cry for help, as in “Help me get out of this movie.”” (Read More)

2. ‘The Purge: Election Year’ (R) – 2 stars

“This Purge is the choppiest and least artful yet.” (Read More)

Still playing

1. ‘The Neon Demon’ (R) – 3 stars

“In its last half-hour, The Neon Demon turns into a full-on horror show, with sequences so outrageously ghastly and offensive even Bret Easton Ellis would blanch..” (Read More)

2. ‘De Palma’ (R) – 3 stars

“Brian De Palma never achieved the box-office and Oscar glory of his contemporaries (Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese), but this documentary is a testament to a talent that merits a place at their table.” (Read More)

3. ‘Finding Dory’ (PG) – 2.5 stars

“Finding Dory isn’t so much a sequel to Finding Nemo as it is a Looney Tunes spin-off: Wilder, sillier, broader and instantly disposable.” (Read More)