3 movies to see, 1 to skip this weekend July 15-17

Here’s a rundown of which new movies to see and which ones to skip this weekend:

Worth Seeing

1. ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ (PG-13) – 3 stars

“The combination of eccentric humor and hard-won truth makes “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” something special.” (Read More)

2. ‘Tickled’ (R) – 3 stars

“It’s all fun and giggles until someone gets hurt.” (Read More)

3. ‘The Infiltrator’ (R) – 2 and a half stars

““The Infiltrator” rides on Cranston’s abilities to so ably and sensitively portray the average American man torn between his double life” (Read More)

Skip It

1.‘Ghostbusters’ (PG-13) – 2 stars

“After all the controversy, the new ‘Ghostbusters’ turns out to be business as usual for Hollywood — a bloated remake that doesn’t reinvent its source material.” (Read More)

Still playing

1. ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ (PG) – 2 and a half stars

“It’s a fun summer flick for kids that parents will enjoy too, a worthy choice for any summer afternoon — if you’ve already seen ‘Finding Dory’.” (Read More)

2. ‘The Innocents’ (PG-13) – 3 stars

“The Innocents resists the temptation to wallow in sentiment as the nuns give birth. What you feel is their agony, terror and confusion.” (Read More)