2 movies to see, 1 to skip this weekend Aug. 12-14


Worth Seeing


1. ‘Pete’s Dragon’ (PG) – 3 stars

““Pete’s Dragon” takes us back to the generation when movies for kids were really for kids: aimed specifically at elementary and middle schoolers and following templates that help youngsters respond to the world while remaining hopeful.” (Read More)

2. ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ (PG-13) – 3 stars

““Florence Foster Jenkins” is a one-joke movie, but it’s a pretty good joke, and the fact that it’s based on a true story only makes the gag more delicious.” (Read More)


Skip It


1.‘Sausage Party’ (R) – 2 stars

“If watching cartoon characters spout four-letter words is your thing, this might well be the greatest movie ever made.” (Read More)

Still playing


1.‘Suicide Squad’ (PG-13) – 1 star

“The worst thing about “Suicide Squad,” which arrives after a year-long onslaught of hype and advertising and social media chatter, is how toothless and timid the film is.” (Read More)


2. ‘Jason Bourne’ (PG-13) – 3 stars

“”Jason Bourne” delivers everything that we expect from this franchise.” (Read More)

3. ‘Cafe Society’ (PG-13) – 3 stars

““Café Society” is of course funny, but it also ends up trafficking in memory, regret and the fate of relationships in a world of romantic melancholy.” (Read More)