2 movies to see, 1 to skip this post-hurricane weekend Oct. 7-9


Worth Seeing


1. ‘The Girl on the Train’ (R) – 3 stars

“In ‘The Girl on the Train,’ memory proves to be an elusive, fleeting entity, something that can be gained and lost in equal measure.” (Read More)


2. ‘Chronic’ (R) – 3 stars

“Radically unsentimental, ‘Chronic’ portrays the end of life largely without the emotional concomitants of grief, suffering and solace.” (Read More)

Skip It


1.‘The Birth of a Nation’ (R) – 2 stars

“Director Nate Parker put his heart and soul into it, but sometimes the road paved with good intentions doesn’t lead to Hell: It stops at mediocrity.” (Read More)

Also playing

1. 70mm Film Festival at Coral Gables Art Cinema

“‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Baraka’ will screen Oct. 7-13.” (Read More)