7 Superyachts you’re too broke to buy at Yachts Miami Beach

She's a 10

Yachts Miami Beach returns for year 29 to the space along Collins Avenue, just across from the Fontainebleau and Eden Roc hotels. The show is a magnet for ballers, all looking to buy, lease or window shop some of the world’s most impressive yachts. For those of you that are in the market for a 160-foot super yacht or those of you who are just curious about how the .01 percent live, here is a sneak peek at some of the most-balling crafts that will be docked at the Superyacht show, a sort of “show within a show” at Yachts Miami Beach, which will take place at the Island Gardens Deep Harbour on Watson Island. More than 20 crafts over 100 feet will be displayed and can be viewed by appointment only. 

1. She's a 10

She’s a 10

Don’t even look at this yacht unless you are at least an 8. Or rich AF.

She’s a 10
Length: 164′
Builder: Oceanfast
Exhibitor: Worth AvenueYachts
Location: Entrance 2; 418-419, 426

2. Katya


Like a high end mail order Russian bride, Katya is all about the Benjamins.

Length: 151′
Builder: Delta
Exhibitor: Florida YachtsInt.
Location: Entrance 7; 657-661, 671

3. Status Quo

Status Quo

This yacht is, like, me every day.

Status Quo
Length: 150′
Builder: Richmond
Exhibitor: Robert J. Cury & Assoc.
Location:Entrance 2; 533-534

4. Domani


Normally I don’t mess with anything under 150 feet, but Domani is still tight at 147.

Length: 147′
Builder: Benetti
Exhibitor: Azimut – Benetti SPa Benetti Division
Location: Entrance 5; EX-9

5. Party Girl

Who likes to party? She likes to party!

Party Girl
Length: 146′
Builder: Christensen
Exhibitor: Allied Marine
Location: Entrance 2; 428-437

6. I Love This Boat

I love this boat, too. I just can’t afford it.

I Love This Boat
Length: 145′
Builder: Christensen
Exhibitor: Tom George Yacht Group
Location: Entrance 1; 659

7. Star

Take me with you!

Length: 138′
Builder: Kingship
Exhibitor: Denison Yacht Sales
Location: Entrance 1; 633-638