10 films, 10 reasons, 10 trailers

A Matter of Size

With more than 100 films set to unspool over the next three weeks at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, there is no way you can see them all. Here’s 10 you shouldn’t miss.

Timer: it’s the opening night film for a reason and charming romantic comedies that don’t suck are hard to come by these days. Trailer

Official Rejection: a painfully funny behind-the-scenes look at film festival politics. Trailer.

Black Dynamite: watch the trailer above. ‘Nuf said.

Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces): because we’d watch Penelope Cruz peel potatoes for two hours; here she serves as Almodovar muse once again. A must see. Trailer

A Matter of Size: this Israeli film – about a group of heavy weights fed up with dieting who decide to become sumo wrestlers – was a hit at Tribeca. Trailer

Trucker: I’m not sure I can buy Michelle Monaghan as a long-haul truck driver; she’s just too pretty for the job. But if she can pull it off here, she’ll jump a notch or three among America’s best young actresses. Trailer.

Mount St. Elias: most of us live lives lacking in adrenaline and man against nature is always an epic adventure. Trailer

Paranormal Activity: because sometimes its good to get the beejeezus scared out of you. Trailer.

Azur and Asmar: Salon called it the year’s most beautiful animated film and considering the competition – that’s no small accolade. Trailer.

Not By Chance: because film festivals are the best places to discover new talents and this film’s Brazilian director Philippe Barcinski – his first feature – is one to keep an eye on … so to speak. Trailer.


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