Susanne Bartsch: the ultimate party gal


She brings her hosting talents to the Delano Hotel for New Year's Eve

Susanne Bartsch
Susanne Bartsch

By Micaela Hood

You could call Susanne Bartsch a club icon.

She's been on the scene since the '80s, long before South Beach became a mecca for hip-hop artists, rock stars, models and LeBron.

``It's like a child to me, and I knew it as a baby,'' she said.

The New York City promoter, known for her lavish parties at Big Apple staples like Copacabana, Bentley's and the Hudson Hotel, is hosting a star-studded New Year's Eve bash at the Delano.

The swanky spot is home to one of her favorite New Year's Eve memories.

Back in 2000, Bartsch was headlining a bash with former Miami club owner Chris Paciello but ``just before the party, he was arrested. I didn't really know anything about him so you can imagine it was a very upsetting and scary time,'' she recalled. ``All these people had bought tickets, and there was no place to go.''

Luckily, ``the Delano bailed me out, and we ended up with a sold-out event. People were outside throwing money at me, trying to get in.''

Bartsch, a full-time mom (her son Bailey, with David Barton, is 16) is in her 50s now, but don't expect her to retire anytime soon. ``I'm still waiting, but I never get tired of dancing!'' Or dressing up. From her wig that's cutely named ``Babe'' to her elaborate costumes, she enjoys the hair and makeup routine as much -- if not more than -- the soiree itself. ``It's art.''

Smiling faces at the door count, too.

``To give people a few hours to let their hair down and not worry about anything is magical.''

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