cocktail time 3

Sandra Lee said she would have a surprise or two in store - cocktail-wise - for those who forked over $100 to have sips at the event, and she definitely wasn't kidding. Her concoction, the South Beach Sunset, was my favorite drink at the event. A mix of tequila, with honey, green tea and other flavors garnished with a sugar cane stick, it was definitely a drink with pure "Miami vibes". Not to mention, it was refreshing. I had to stick to one or I could've ended up in major trouble. Cheers!

P.S. It took me around 30 minutes to actually track down someone with this drink, so I better enjoy it, right? Thank you, husband, for tracking down the "drink girls" so I wouldn't have to wait in line any longer. Sweet!

--Photo by Sebastian Dominguez

--Aurora Rodriguez